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LOGICALBOX was established in 2003 to focus to audio post production
for cinema, television and web.
in the past 35 years
Alberto Parodi has been involved in many national and international productions.
The experience includes recording and mixing for Music, Soundtracks, Films, dvd and Blu-ray,
Documentaries, Commercials and Corporate Video.
We produce all the necessary audio needed to create any project,
from it's initial stages to the final mix.
Designed by Donato Masci of
Studio Sound Service - Acoustic Design, the main control room
is a "non-environment" type with reflective front and absorbent back,
equipped with a
7.1.4 Dolby Atmos HE monitoring system.
The recording rooms have different acoustic characteristics and allow us
to record any sound, instrument, voice or noise you could need.

Location Sound Recording

Location Sound Recording is essential
to create high quality video content.
We have three different sound bags with increasing capabilities to record from the simple one microphone interview
to a complex movie set
including wireless Camera links,
Timecode links up to 3 sets and all the audio transmitters with Integrated digital recorder with ultra-accurate timecode.


Studio Mulinetti has different recording spaces to record the voices and the instruments for music, dubbing and Voice Over.
We work with Source Element's software to remote link with other studios or to connect with your office or home via Skype or similar software to listen in realtime as if you were in the studio with us.


We have been recording live events for many years,
we are equipped with simultaneous double
recording systems to ensure greater security for
up to 128 tracks in Madi and 32 tracks in analogue.
We have a very large fleet of microphones to
record any type of audio.


The creation of sound design is perhaps
the most interestingaspect of our work.
We are equipped with dozens of both real and
virtual instruments as well as a huge collection
of sounds of over 3 terabytes and which together
with dozens of plugins generate
the ideal sound every time!


We have been producing soundtracks
for over 25 years.
We have the right experience to interface with
both musicians and film production.
We can produce the final masters in
every format up to Dolby Atmos.
We also collaborate with experienced composers
able to realize any project for you.


Studio Mulinetti is our studio,
It is developed over 200sqm.
The control room is of "Non-environment" type with
reflective front and absorbent back.
The listening system is7.1.4 dolby atmos HE
For the projection of video contents there is a 65" uhd monitor


More and more often there is a need to start post-production on set during shooting. Our mobile system is made just for that. It is very powerful, yet it allows us to get close to most of the work on site, contributing to faster delivery time of the master.

We love our job

We work with passion always trying to get best and
improve the results of our work in any moment.
We will be delighted to discuss your projects with you and
what we can do to increase the final value of it.

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